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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Censored Eleven

I had never heard of The Censored Eleven until I came across a listing of it in a TIME article online ("Top 100 Controversial Cartoons: The Censored Eleven"). There's a clip in the article that allows you to view one of the censored cartoons, which were banned by United Artist in 1968 and will probably stay that way. Apparently, they are still accessible on YouTube (what isn't accessible on YouTube these days?).

The above character is named "Egghead" for obvious reasons, and he was eventually replaced by Elmer Fudd. The strangest, rickety-ist voice comes out of his absurdly large mouth. And what's with the big feet? Another racial stereotype I wasn't aware of? I wonder about the feet only because, as I understand it, another racist depiction of Black characters in one of The Censored Eleven cartoons shows the characters having overly large feet.

I want to say that viewing the cartoon was shocking, but it wasn't. Is this because contemporary racist stereotypes are still so prevalent or because I anticipated seeing such things in an older cartoon? Hopefully the latter.

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