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Friday, June 11, 2010

Snow White (Reimagined)

It seems Snow White is once again going to be made into a film. But don't worry: it's going to be a really, really cool movie.

I'll be frank with you. The way the people behind this film are talking about it reminds me of the scene in 13 Going on 30, when Jennifer Garner's arch-rival is pitching her own idea on how to revamp the fashion magazine for which they both work:

"The new and improved Poise will explore the last frontier. It will go heroine chic one better. It will O.D. It will kill. Cause of death? Chicness. The new Poise will go further than any other fashion magazine before. It will be deadly serious. Fashion suicide."

And my reaction pretty much mimics Andy Serkis' character.

(Which is speechless dismay, in case you're wondering.)

Okay, I'm not THAT ho-hum about the concept co-producer Brett Ratner enthuses over in the article. But ... really? "This is not your grandfather's Snow White," he claims. I can almost picture him leaning excitedly forward in his chair, gesticulating wildly as he continues on about robber dwarves, dragons, and just how "edgy" the new film is going to be. That's right. Edgy!

Why am I being such a Debbie Downer? I'm not sure. Am I excited about seeing a fairy tale film remake? Of course! I would be more excited if the article didn't lead off with a reference to Tim Burton's recent "remake" of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, but never mind that. Perhaps it's the persistent insistence that they, the filmmakers, will be relying on the "original" text for inspiration. Did I read that right? An "original" Snow White?


Then again, this same article mentions the in-the-works Disney remake of L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz, to be titled The Great and Powerful Oz. (Note: Elsewhere I've seen it titled Oz, The Great and Powerful.) The connection between between Alice and Dorothy? You need only know that Baum wanted badly to create his own American Alice, and that conversation is done. The connection between Dorothy and ... Snow White? Well ... they both fall asleep...

Oh wait a second. That's only in the film version.

Well, cheer up. Robert Downey, Jr. is reportedly being cast as the wizard. That was, generally speaking, enough to soothe angry Marvel fans after the recent release of Iron Man 2.

Maybe I just need to see a cast list for The Brothers Grimm: Snow White in order to get excited about it. Robert Downey, Jr. as Dopey! Gwyneth Paltrow as the wicked stepmother! (Well, since this is the "original" Snow White, I'm going to assume they've reverted to mother instead of the stepmother. Right?) Scarlett Johansson as Snow White!

No? Nothing?

Yeah. Me either.


  1. Sometimes I wonder what they're trying to do, really, when they try to make fairy tales "edgy." Is torture, child abuse, child marriage, and attempted child murder too 1935?
    And by original, are they going to have a seven year old snow white? Are they going to show the queen dance herself to death? Or are they going to pick and choose which elements they like from "oldish" versions?
    I'm still a fan of the Snow White A Tale of Horror. It was campy, but I think they had something when they tried to make the story creepy vs. cutesy.

  2. Aren't we such party poopers!

    But seriously! "Edgy"? I don't get it either. Maybe I am just looking down at my lofty academic throne and thinking, hahaha, do you mean to tell me you thought the DISNEY version was the "real" version all this time! But I also get irked when they use the term "original." Okay, what is "original" when we're talking folktales? Bah!

    I haven't seen A Tale of Horror! Have you seen 10th Kingdom? Very different Snow White there, too.