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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Just wanted to share this lovely quote from Philip Pullman (whom I of course admire and adore):

"And the secrecy of it! The blessed privacy! No-one else can get in the way, no-one else can invade it, no-one else even knows what’s going on in that wonderful space that opens up between the reader and the book. That open democratic space full of thrills, full of excitement and fear, full of astonishment, where your own emotions and ideas are given back to you clarified, magnified, purified, valued. You’re a citizen of that great democratic space that opens up between you and the book."

Who doesn't remember those first few trips to the library? I know what section I always turned to: animals, of course! By age 10, I was fully cognizant of the issues facing the return of the gray wolf to America. I went on to read London's White Fang and from there funneled my childhood love of animals into reading other works of fiction like Anna Sewell's Black Beauty or Walter Farley's The Black Stallion.

Pullman's full speech on the preservation of libraries can be found here: Leave the Libraries Alone.

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